My Best Friend's Big Fat Greek Wedding

A Greek-American spinster finally finds love with a non-Greek man and labors to get her family to accept him when she suddenly finds herself the object of the affections of her long-time best friend Nikos, a wily, self-pleasuring goat.

TAGLINE: "You never know what you've got, until it's covered in tzatziki."

The Lost Boys On The Side

In this romantic-horror, three very different women brought together by fate, carpool to the west coast. On their way, they find themselves in a small town where they are forced to put their differences aside and kill a band of bloodthirsty vampires and that blonde guy from ‘24’.

TAGLINE: “Drive your car on the road and your stake into vampires.”

Punch Drunk Love Actually

It’s 1 month before Christmas when a stressed-out business owner finds a harmonium on the side of the road then embarks on a romantic journey with a porno-line operator who’s sexual escapades intertwine with the lives of 7 other couples.

TAGLINE: "For a good time, dial with your heart."

The Maltese Falcon and The Snowman

The true story of disillusioned CIA employee Sam Spade and his murdered drug pusher childhood friend who, in the late 70s, became walk-in spies for the Soviet Union and pursued a gold-encrusted life-sized statue of a falcon filled with malted chocolate balls.

TAGLINE: "I spy with my little eye; action and adventure."

The Killing Fields of Dreams

A New York Times journalist is driven by an unseen voice to establish a baseball field in a Cambodian rice paddy during the mad rule of Pol Pot.

TAGLINE: "If you commit genocide, they won't come."

Independence Groundhog Day

A sarcastic weatherman is reluctantly sent to cover a story about a weather forecasting group of fur-covered, ground-dwelling aliens who are planning to attack major points around the globe in less than a day. This shitty plot is repeated over and over until Will Smith’s career finally comes to an end.

TAGLINE: "Evil aliens. Bad acting. Crappy story. Ever have one of those days... forever?"

A Few Good X-Men

When powerful mutants threaten to take over the world… injustice at an American army base in Cuba becomes the focus of a military tribunal bent on stopping them and their bald leader.

TAGLINE: “You want the Wolverine? You can’t handle the Wolverine!”

Boys Don’t Cry Freedom

The tragic, true story of a gay woman who posed as a man and her struggle against apartheid in South Africa during the 1970s. A struggle that led to her eventual demise while in police custody. And her demise, which incited international protest against intolerant, red-necked, Nebraskan homophobes.

TAGLINE: "If it ain't like yous, then yous oughts ta kill it."

Ace Ventura: Pet Cemetery Detective

When it’s found that a haunted burial site for pets causes it’s furry residents to resurrect, a man decides to bury his family’s departed pet dolphin there. When the dolphin (who worked as the mascot of a local sports team) comes back to life, but is mysteriously kidnapped, an eccentric, yet highly effectual private-finder-of-missing-animal-loved-ones is hired to track him down. Absurdity ensues as the finder-of-animals employs often uncouth techniques in order to return the undead dolphin to it’s rightful owner.

TAGLINE: “If your pet is gone, he can find it… dead or alive… or both.”

Batman and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

When a nocturnal crime fighter and his band of young hosiery-clad sidekicks decide to rob from the rich and give to the poor… an evil, criminal Sheriff threatens to freeze the entire city and cover it with poisonous plants.

TAGLINE: “In a dark city, brimming with evil… sometimes all you need are a few merry men.”

Honey, I Shrunk The Karate Kid

A fidgety inventor creates a machine to reduce objects to an incredibly small size. When he accidentally turns the machine on his children, they all get an ass kicking by school bullies, despite having learned an ancient martial art from an eccentric Japanese hermit.

TAGLINE: "Sometimes, big ass-whoopings come in little packages."

Buena Vista Social Breakfast Club

Coming of age film where 5 angst burdened Cuban teenagers with nothing in common, meeting for the first time instantly form a band and play salsa music while serving detention in a Communist prison.

TAGLINE: "When you've got nothing in common... just salsa."

Cape Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

A peculiar journalist and his lawyer travel on assignment to Las Vegas for a series of drug and alcohol-induced adventures. Once there, a convicted rapist whom the lawyer once defended stalks them by strapping himself under their convertible with a leather belt.

TAGLINE:”You have nothing to fear, but sobriety itself.”

Free Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

When an affectionate orca whale, who is also the purveyor of delectable confections, becomes trapped in a pool of his own chocolate, a contest is held where five lucky winners can tour his wondrous workshop and hopefully save him from his sugary fate.

TAGLINE: "Sweetness is when ocean mammals meet the magical world of candy."

Spiderman of La Mancha

This story takes place during the Spanish inquisition where a would-be arachnid-superhero finds himself obsessed with defeating his mortal enemy… a stationary windmill.

TAGLINE: "When the tangled web of obsession meets terra cotta roofs anything can happen."

Attack Of The Killer Fried Green Tomatoes

A lady in a problematic marriage is inspired by the mad rants of an old woman in a nursing home to commit mass murder by way of mutated fruit until she is ultimately stopped by rock music.

TAGLINE: "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you tomatoes, make murder."

Withnail and I, Robot

It’s London in 2035 A.D. when 2 out of work robots, Withnail and "I" decide to take a reprieve from their mundane lives and head up north. When Withnail murders a local scientist, Will Smith’s ego is called in to investigate.

TAGLINE: "Danger Will Smith, Danger!"

The Princess Bride of Frankenstein

A grandfather sits down to read to his grandson the old story of a fanatical man of science who helps his colleague construct a female monster from the grisly parts of dead women. When the newly electrified woman comes to life, she falls in love with and plans to wed a poor stable boy who mysteriously disappears. In his absence, an evil Prince decrees that the beautiful piecemeal lady will marry HIM instead. His plans go awry when his would-be-wife is kidnapped by a fantastically tall, yet familiar pirate with a pale, green complexion and metal bolts in his neck.

TAGLINE: “True Love? It’s ALIVE!”

Dirty Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

When an orphaned, hard-nosed San Francisco cop realizes that he’s been blessed with the powers of magic, he utilizes his wizardry to fly on brooms in order to catch a serial killer and the elusive Golden Snitch.

TAGLINE: “In a city of magic, he just needed to get a little dirty.”

The Joy Luck Fight Club

Through a series of recollections, four young, Chinese American-born woman and their respective mothers born in feudal China explore their pasts and then engage in gratuitous bouts of pugilism.

TAGLINE: "Because sometimes, it's better to take it outside than talk about it."